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Subject RE: [Commons, Collections, JXPath] Looking for more to read, pros/cons of filtering methods
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:02:47 GMT
> For the record, my initial post on this topic had a subject line of:
> 	[Collections, JXPath] advantages/disadvantages
> My question was:
> 	[W]hat are the advantages/disadvantages of using Predicate/Closure's to
> filter Collections of beans as opposed to using JXPath?
> I'm not sure how much more specific I can be.  I don't have a specific
> filtering need that I need solved.  If I have a list of beans, and I want
> to filter them for, let's say it's a list of PersonBeans, hair color,
> where hairColor is an attribute of the PersonBean.  What are the
> advantages/disadvantages of using JXPath as opposed to functors?
> Is that more specific?  Does that help?

jxpath is more expressive and requires no coding but requires more
learning. the bean functors in beanutils are somewhere between the two

is that good enough?

- robert

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