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From Dewitte Rémi <>
Subject LazyDynaBean in a pojo
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 16:27:52 GMT
Hi !
I use LazyDynaBean to gather results from the user. In my main LazyDynaBean, 
I've elements which are subclasses of LazyDynaBean and theses elements can be 
indexed (LazyDynaBean[]). I do this because I'm interested in lazy features 
for indexed properties and mapped properties.

Now I'd like to pass this LazyDynaBean to a corresponding POJO.

I tried to create my LazyDynaForm like this :
public class LazyForm extends LazyValidatorForm {

	public LazyForm(){
		super((new WrapDynaBean(new PojoForm())));
But interesting lazy features are lost...

An another way with BeanUtils.copyProperties();
For simple elements (String or even String[]), everything is good with 
BeanUtils.copyProperties(pojo,lazybean). The problem is when I want to copy a 
LazyElement to a PojoElement (inside the PojoForm) : how can I handle this.

How would you do this ?


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