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From "Rick Herrick" <>
Subject Re: [FTPClient] : No errors occured when I stop the ftp server during a transfer
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 22:39:57 GMT
Daniel F. Savarese said:
> A few clarfications.
> setSoTimeout should be called only after a connection has been established
> and affects only the control connection.  It affects the actively
> connected
> socket.  If you call it before connecting, you'll get a
> NullPointerException.
> setDefaultTimeout should be called before establishing a connection.  The
> actual timeout specified is then automatically applied to the control
> connection after it is established.  It basically saves you the trouble of
> calling setSoTimeout after every connection establishment.  setDataTimeout
> should be called before a data connection is established
> (e.g., a file transfer) because it doesn't affect an active data
> connection.
> It does the same thing as setDefaultTimeout, except for data connections
> (i.e., the timeout for the data connection is automatically set
> immediately
> after the data connection is established).

Ah, cool, thanks for that information.  I tried to find that while working
on my remote asset transfer app, but couldn't find it documented anywhere.
 That would be huge to have in the Javadocs at the very least.

Luckily I didn't manage to shoot myself in the foot :^)

Rick Herrick

I haven't got time for inner peace.

Get out of control, but appear under control. It's not bad to alarm other
people, though--it's good for them.--Hunter S. Thompson

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