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From "Flatoff Allan" <>
Subject RE: Problems building commons-email.jar file
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 15:23:09 GMT
Simon, Thanks for the tip,

I manually downloaded all of the jar files and found where I could put
them in the
Maven repository.

The only ones that are giving me trouble now are the ones below.

I don't see a place for them in the repository.

I tried putting them into maven's LIB directory but they still aren't

Any ideas?

C:\commons-email>"C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Maven
 __  __
|  \/  |__ _Apache__ ___
| |\/| / _` \ V / -_) ' \  ~ intelligent projects ~
|_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|  v. 1.0.2

Attempting to download commons-jelly-tags-jsl-20030211.143151.jar.
Error retrieving artifact from
20030211.143151.jar]: Unknown error downl
oading; status code was: 302
WARNING: Failed to download commons-jelly-tags-jsl-20030211.143151.jar.
Attempting to download commons-jelly-tags-log-20030211.142821.jar.
Error retrieving artifact from
20030211.142821.jar]: Unknown error downl
oading; status code was: 302
WARNING: Failed to download commons-jelly-tags-log-20030211.142821.jar.
Attempting to download commons-jelly-tags-velocity-20030303.205659.jar.
Error retrieving artifact from
city-20030303.205659.jar]: Unknown error
downloading; status code was: 302
WARNING: Failed to download
Attempting to download commons-jelly-tags-xml-20040613.030723.jar.
Error retrieving artifact from
20040613.030723.jar]: Unknown error downl
oading; status code was: 302
WARNING: Failed to download commons-jelly-tags-xml-20040613.030723.jar.
The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied

commons-jelly-tags-xml-20040613.030723.jar (try downloading from

Total time: 4 seconds
Finished at: Fri Jun 03 10:20:42 CDT 2005 

-----Original Message-----
From: Simon Kitching [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 6:42 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: Re: Problems building commons-email.jar file

On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 09:39 -0500, Flatoff Allan wrote:
> Give me some pointers for packaging my own jar from the source in CVS?

Manually download the jars that maven is unable to automatically
download, put them in the maven repository directory, then run maven

I don't use windows but according to the maven install documentation,
maven's jar repository can be found at:

I suspect that you're at some corporate and a firewall is preventing
maven from downloading these files.



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