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From "Jon Steelman" <>
Subject [Digester] How to assign from a property with a BeanPropertySetter?
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 04:35:11 GMT
I have a brief example below where I'm uncertain how to assign the value
"activate" from cardAction's action. Here's the xml:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE cardActionVendor SYSTEM "cardActionVendor.dtd">
        <cardAction action="activate"/>

Here's the code:
digester.addBeanPropertySetter(PREFIX + "cardid",
digester.addBeanPropertySetter(PREFIX + "locationID");
digester.addBeanPropertySetter(PREFIX + "/merchant/merchantID");

The ActivateResponse class basically has these properties:
primaryAccountNumber, locationID, merchantID, & action.

I see how I can nest the merchant/merchantID to assign a property in my
class ActivateResponse. I have another direct property in
ActivateResponse that is the value of cardAction's action, but I don't
know how to assign it. The following won't work:
digester.addBeanPropertySetter(PREFIX + "/cardAction/action");
The ActivateRespone property is at the same level as the other
properties, cardid & locationID, but how does one set it?


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