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From A Leg <>
Subject maven : why marmalade ?
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 08:36:45 GMT

I just got a look on maven 2 description and I have some questions ?

Why maven made the move from jelly to marmelade ?
Is this after a community process where Maven users, Maven developers, 
maven tags developers has been involved. If not how this decision has 
been taken ?
What about marmelade license which seems not to be Apache License V2 ?
What about living an Apache project for a codehaus project ?

I personaly feel that all hat moves : ant to maven, cvs to subversion, 
jelly to marmalade where people create news peojects instead of 
contributing to improve existing one, all these moves are not a big 
advantage for open source.

Already my ISP does not support Linux because instead of having one good 
linuxconf they have many "proprietary" configuration tools.

May be am I wrong and you have good reasons to do this ?

Thanks for any answers to my questions


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