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From Schalk Neethling <>
Subject Re: [fileUpload] Question about file name
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 16:36:55 GMT
I will definitely try this out, thank you.

Dakota Jack wrote:

>If the File class does not normalize the string used to create the
>File, then there is a bug.  There seems to be a bug in one version of
>Linux and that has been reported to Sun.  The constructor for File is
>as follows:
>   public File(String pathname) {
>       if (pathname == null) {
>           throw new NullPointerException();
>       }
>       this.path = fs.normalize(pathname);
>       this.prefixLength = fs.prefixLength(this.path);
>   }
>Notice that an object fs is called to normalize the pathname.  The
>object fs is created as a static field in all File classes as follows:
>   static private FileSystem fs = FileSystem.getFileSystem();
>The FileSystem class is an abstract class that has to be implemented,
>of course, for the os on which it exists.  So, the basis for the class
>is a JNI method:
>   public static native FileSystem getFileSystem();
>Sun did not go to all this trouble without expecting the actual
>separators to be normalized to whatever system a file is created on,
>so that no matter what your path happens to be in creating a File
>object, file.getName() should return the name without a file
>separator.  Is this helpful?
>On 6/9/05, Mihael Knezevic <> wrote:
>>this whole discussion is old. it can be found in the archives. the
>>implementation of the jvm on linux FROM SUN is faulty on this one. cause when
>>use use a filename like /tmp/mydir/myfile.txt and make a file object of it on
>>a windows system and get the name you would get the name myfile.txt though
>>the file separator on windows is a backslash, thats ok. but on linux you
>>won't get the name from a windows path. i send a bug report to sun. there was
>>some misunderstanding and then Dakota Jack <dakota.jack (at)> send
>>also a bug report to sun. perhaps it is in the bug list by now.
>>and yes the ie sends the full path. call it a bug or a feature.
>>just replacing the backslash with a slash won't solve every case but most
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