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From Mark Diggory <>
Subject Re: [csv] Creating a CSV component
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 16:28:16 GMT
I would suggest that parsing files, especially data files is going to 
have allot of overlap within commons. What about tab, fixed field etc. 
This sounds more like its own tool in the long run. Think about the 
implications for producing drivers for JDBC or parsers for JAXP etc. 
thats based on a common parsing or reading api. Encompassing tools for 
file type transformation etc. This is a very powerful subject, I suspect 
it would be a project that could be dependent on codec, math and lang 
for certain functionalities.

I'm listening in as well, our project is something that would enjoy the 
advantages of such a parsing framework if it encompassed more than just 
csv files.

-Mark Diggory

Federico Spinazzi wrote:

> Henri Yandell wrote:
>> Thought I'd summarise the CSV threads on the user list. Due to the
>> high level of user activity in those threads, I've mailed this to both
>> user and dev lists. Interested users should probably hop over to the
>> dev list at some point as I imagine future threads will consolidate
>> there.
>> Basic idea is for a parser library for csv files. There is a lot of
>> interest and various pieces of code have been offered:
>> Netcetera's csvparser.
>> OSJava's gj-csv (
>> Ostermiller's GPL'd csv parser has been around for ages, but is GPL.
>> Still, a good thing to be feature competitive with.
>> Brian McCallister has a new CSV library - 
>> There are alternative ways to do CSV parsing:
> You can also look at DbUnit csv classes. DbUnit is GPL, but as I've 
> written them and I can re license as Apache 2.0 if I want (or not?).
> Federico
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