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From Blake Meike <>
Subject Digester 1.7
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 19:22:22 GMT
I've been using Digester 1.7 for several days now and it all seems good. 
  I have only one small complaint.  Actually, it isn't even new to 1.7:

addCallMethod(pattern, method, 0);


<call-method-rule methodname="method" paramcount="0" />

behave in, perhaps, an unexpected manner.  The problem is compounded by 
the fact that, in both cases, if you have, naively, defined a method on 
the object on top of the stack with the signature:

public void method()

you will get an error message that says:

No such accessible method: method() on object: <tos>

Pretty confusing.

I think the plausible solution is a quick note in the commons-digester 
FAQ that explains the semantics of:

addCallMethod(pattern, method, 0);
addCallMethod(pattern, method);

Just Sayin'
   Blake Meike

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