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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] VFS.getManager().getFilesCache() - exists() vs findFiles()
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:05:05 GMT
Philippe Poulard wrote:
> these attributes are tightly coupled to this scheme
> so if you have "xmldb:provider://..." somewhere, you also have 
> attribute settings beside
> thus, when you make the switch from xmldb to -say- ftp, this includes 
> to clean attributes becoming irrelevant
Is it possible to separate those attributes into
* filesystem attributes
* file attributes

I ask as e.g. the "cluster" sounds more like a configuration per 
filesystem instance.
VFS currently supports such filesystem attributes and one thing we can 
do here is to register a virtual scheme to a set of filesystem attributes:

would point to the scheme "xmldb" with the desired filesystem attributes 

For the "file attributes" I will take some time to think about them.
What if we create a new method "FileObject.createFile(Map attributes)"?
That way there is no need to change the contract of the IMAGINARY file 
type and it makes clear that if you would like to create a new file with 
special attributes you have to call that method.


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