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From Philippe Poulard <>
Subject Re: [VFS] VFS.getManager().getFilesCache() - exists() vs findFiles()
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 16:59:15 GMT

I have just resolved a problem due to caching and deletion :
-close() <- I found this tip in this thread :)

I understand that close() is needed to flush the cache, but I found a 
problem in this sequence :

I catch an exception telling me that the file didn't exist ; but it does 
exist : i just have create it !!! so, after creation, the cache seems 
not be updated

the solution rigth now is :

but it is not fair

Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Andy Lewis wrote:
>> First, what about adding a stat() method on FileObject, something akin
> I dont want to introduce a new public api function.
> Especially if I think that I have to call stat() immediatly after 
> resolveFile() every time as I am not interested in performance but more 
> in correct results.
> My current code is flooded with nasty close() (instead of stat()) as 
> this is the method which is intended to to the same as stat().
> Sure, I know, it closes all streams (opened by the calling thread), but 
> this is not a problem in this context, moreover it is wanted to behave so.
> This forces a clean state on the remote side.
> I admit, what we can do is to force this during findFiles() ... will see.
>> While it might not solve every case, for example, if you resolve a
>> cached deleted file from a URL using FileSystemManager.resolveFile() -
>> how would that show up? (haven't tested it)
> No server round trip here, so this file is still marked as "deleted".
> I will have a look in refactoring FileObject to use no internal caching 
> and allow to decorate it with a CacheFileObject with behaves more or 
> less like we see it today.
> And then, we could have such a CacheFileObject.stat() method.
> It should be configureable on FileSystemManager and maybe on FileSystem 
> level.
> And the default might be to use the FileObject without caching.
> ---
> Mario
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