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From "Matthew Tobiasz" <>
Subject TFTPClient.send() BROKEN
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 15:30:48 GMT

It appears that the sendFile() method in TFTPClient from Commons Net
release 1.4.0 is not working. What happens is all 512 byte fixed length
data packets are send, but the last packet (which is less then 512) is
never sent, yet the method exits cleanly. I discovered this issue when
writing an application which uses the Commons Net API to send a file via
TFTP and things weren't working. After some packet sniffing to see what
the was being sent, I compared the Windows command-line TFTP client to
the Commons Net API, and discovered a discontinuity between the two
transfers, which shouldn't be the case. According to Ethereal, the
Commons Net API does not appear to be sending out the last packet in a
normal TFTP session (the packet with less then 512 bytes of data, which
signals the end of a transfer). Using the example program ""
from "commons-net/java/example" the same issue is present. If you send a
file using the TFTPClient, take a look at the send file on the
destination machine, and you'll see that the file is incomplete (missing
a < 512 byte section from the end of file).

Now is this a known issue?


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