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From Mihael Knezevic <>
Subject Re: [fileUpload] Question about file name
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 06:16:54 GMT
this whole discussion is old. it can be found in the archives. the 
implementation of the jvm on linux FROM SUN is faulty on this one. cause when 
use use a filename like /tmp/mydir/myfile.txt and make a file object of it on 
a windows system and get the name you would get the name myfile.txt though 
the file separator on windows is a backslash, thats ok. but on linux you 
won't get the name from a windows path. i send a bug report to sun. there was 
some misunderstanding and then Dakota Jack <dakota.jack (at)> send 
also a bug report to sun. perhaps it is in the bug list by now.

and yes the ie sends the full path. call it a bug or a feature.

just replacing the backslash with a slash won't solve every case but most 

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