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From Michael Rasmussen <>
Subject RE: [EL] Docs ?
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 20:12:43 GMT
>So, in other words, you couldn't claim to support "EL" outside of a =
>servlet environment, but you could claim to support something similar to =
>"EL", and that would be JEXL.

That's not really true.  I use the JSTL EL outside of servlets all the
time.  If you get the standard.jar from the jakarta-taglibs project
you will find the ELEvaluator which uses JSTL style expressions.

the fully qualified name in the jar is

If you want to claim to support "EL" you should get that jar.  It may
use commons EL as its underlying implementation, but i don't have a
commons-el jar on my classpath, so I don't think it has any
dependencies.  Some of the taglibs guys could answer that better than
I could.


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