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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Executable XML vs. Rich Configuration
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 09:10:48 GMT

Le 11 mai 05, à 19:42, Dan Madoni a écrit :
> Perhaps a better term that isn't as restrictive as "Rich 
> Configuration" or
> as strange as "Executable XML" might be "Active XML Processing", or
> something like that. Such a term doesn't imply that you'll use it for
> programming, and instead suggests that it's useful for what you 
> already use XML for, with Jelly adding a valuable "active" dimension 
> to XML rather than just thinking of an XML document as a data 
> container or template.

Active XML processing tastes good although it might have a taste to be 
close to ASP which I really do not wish (that's kind of personal).

How about the sub-title: "XML processing with side-effects." (as 
opposed to XSLT processing) ? Or "XML pipeline with effects".

About the liability, I am not sure to understand you: I think the name 
"Jakarta Commons Jelly" is quite a good "brand-name"...

> I'd actually maybe like to help with the two big weaknesses I found in
> Jelly: sparse documentation and script error handling. I can't do that 
> on my
> client's time, but feel free to e-mail me at to 
> discuss it on my own time.

All this happens on commons-dev mailing list where you are happily 
The documentation problem can become too big and I'd rather say we 
should just polish a bit only the little set before the release.
The exception-in-the-face problem is a problem, for sure, see jira for 
this... I think that just, by default, displaying the line number would 
be better.


PS: don't excuse yourself for such complaints, I've definitely 
understood your appreciation of Jelly.

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