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From Niklas Gustavsson <>
Subject [transactions] Scattered files
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 20:26:19 GMT
Hi all,

when using FileResourceManager, you need to supply a storeDir. Now, if I 
need to write files to different locations within the same transaction. 
For example c:\somedir\somesubdir\file.txt and 
c:\someotherdir\someotherfile.txt, could I specify c:\ as my store dir 
and use the full path (without c:\) as the resource ID? Will this be an 
issue with having multiple FileResourceManagers working on c: (the Java 
docs mentions "Special Caution: Be very careful not to have two 
instances of FileResourceManager working in the same store and/or 
working dir."). What type of issues might this cause? Deadlocks?

Is it at all possible to write file to seperate discs (c:, d:) within 
the same transaction? I know that the docs does not recommend doing this 
because the lack of check for disc space, but anyways?


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