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Subject Antwort: [dbUtils] - QueryRunner question [Virus checked]
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 05:33:16 GMT

i had a similar problem with a oracle database. the trick was to use a 
timestamp object instead of a date object.

for example : 

Date a = new Date();
new Timestamp( a.getTime() );

hope this helps.


12.05.05 16:29
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[dbUtils] - QueryRunner question [Virus checked]

I'm getting an SQLException with 
QueryRunner.update(Connection,String,Object[]) method and I wanted to see 
if I was doing this correctly.

My values for the insert come from a ValueObject.  All of the fields are 
Strings EXCEPT informed_consent_date which is a date and Patient_Id which 
is a BigDecimal.  Patient_ID is null because there is a trigger that will 
fill that field.

I take my fields in the VO and put them in an ArrayList then use 
toArray(Object[]) to get them into the array.

When I use the method I get an InvalidColumn.  I suspect that this is the 
Date fields not matching or getting translated correctly.  Any ideas would 

be helpful.

SQLException = Invalid column type Query: insert into ATD_PATIENT 

VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) Parameters: [null, M, 1965, 2005-05-05, 
auDcPckKiXAkFpzwGHqFYaqPdgI, White, Human, IU, 11]

Jonathan Bricker
Lilly Research Labs

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