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From Emmanouil Batsis <>
Subject Re: CSV parsing/writing?
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 15:47:53 GMT
Don Seiler wrote:

>First we'd have a CSVFile object.  That object contains the specified
>delimiter, field qualifier, escape char, etc.  In my earlier thinking it
>also contained the list of parsed records in memory.  Obviously that
>won't be good for a great many cases.

To tell the truth i haven't seen how most related projects work, but 
here's what i had in mind. All this SAX conversation has made me wonder 
wether the following are a good idea:

* A very simple but configurable CSV parser object (as i think you 
originally propose), that could simply generate events.
* An interface for the event consumer
* Some default implementations (SAX, DOM) including a CSVWriter to 
persist the model of any given implementation back to CSV.

>With DOM are we still talking about using the SAX setup and having
>everything go through XML at one point or another?

A DOM implementation can just wrap the SAX implementation to end up with 
a memory tree. We could also come up with something less XMLish in both 
streaming and in-memory implementations.


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