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From Alexander Sack <>
Subject Re: [FileUpload/HTTPClient] (re)encode already consumed multipart request
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 14:37:43 GMT
James Sangster wrote:

>Hi Alexander,
>I'm curious as to whether I understand the request you made below and
>whether it is very similar (or the same) as to what I had been hoping to do.
>I have a servlet which receives an HTTP multipart POST from a client, then
>forwards that same request on to the final destination server (basically the
>project is a HTTP proxy, whereby the client sends me data, and I send it on
>to a configurable end server).
Yes, that is almost exactly the same thing we are trying to do.
Nevertheless, we need to be able to inspect the uploaded items and
decide on that basis to which backend to forward it or if we want to
forward it at all.

Further, we are trying to do the same kind of forward within the servlet
container itself (e.g. forward/include from a webapp). In this case, we
cannot use any HTTP specific code ... we need just the multipart stream,
so the forward servlet/jsp can consume it as if it has been invoked

Anyway, I can't tell how to accomplish this in an elegant fashion for
now. Any ideas are welcome.

>Any feedback from yourself or others on how to accomplish this would be
>greatly appreciated.  Aside from this one little struggle, I must say that
>HttpClient and FileUpload have made the job much simpler.
If I found a viable solution I will post it here.


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