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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] classpath lookup for opaque JAR
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 07:20:10 GMT
Philippe Poulard wrote:
> an URI like this :
> jar:myJar.jar!/path/to/resource
> is resolved like this :
> jar:file:///path/to/current/dir/myJar.jar!/path/to/resource
> I would prefer that instead endorsing the current dir, it would lookup 
> in the classpath for the library that has this name
If you would like to access a resource within a jar which is in your 
classpath you could use


notice the missing starting "/"

This will search the resource using javas default 

However, once resolved it will be expanded to its full location.
e.g. wenn you search for


you might get


You cant directly specify the jar filename where this META-INF should be 

If you have a special directory where you place your jars and put THIS 
directory in your classpath (e.g. /path/to/my/jars) then it should be 
possible to use

FileObject fo = VFS.getMananger.resolveFile("res:anyjar.jar");
FileObject root = VFS.getManager().createFileSystem(fo);

due to a bug in VFS you cant use "jar:res:anyjar.jar!/" - but this will 
be fixed.

But notice the difference:
The first will lookup the resource in any jar/path on your classpath as 
it is intended by the java ClassLoader.getResource.
The second is a "hack" to specify exactly which jar should be used. You 
might get problems whith such a solution as in an webapp the WEB-INF/lib 
directory is NOT in your classpath and you cant manage to get it in 
there (as far as I know). But I think its the first solution you looked 
for, isnt it?


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