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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] FileChangeEvent, inotify, and file changes outside JVM
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 05:39:12 GMT
>Regarding DefaultFileMonitor - how scalable is this?  More precisely,
>say I wanted to build yet another desktop indexing/search tool, and
>thus monitor _everything_, or a few hundred or thousands of
>directories, would DefaultFileMonitor be able to handle it?
>I know, it depends on CPU, memory, etc., but have people tested it with
>more than a few dozen directories?
The latest changes to the DefaultFileMonitor (not commited yet) 
introduces a new function which allows you to configure it to sleep 
every e.g. 1000 scanned files.
So it should be possible to let it run very passive.

A problem might be that it will keep the whole filestructure in memory 
and thus it might be a problem with memory if you try to index a large 
You have to try to see if this could be a way.
However, if you are bound to local files only it might be better to use 
JNI to access the os filesystem-events.

Maybe its time to start off a new project for this ...


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