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From Matt Goodwin <>
Subject Re: [Slightly OT] JNDI question
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 17:39:25 GMT
I don't have a slick trick, but what I do is get my datasources from a 
dbhelper class.  In that class I try to read from jndi, if I can't get 
access to jndi I read from a config file that sits on the classpath.  In 
Tomcat it gets the connection from jndi, for tests i create it from the 
config file.  Of course you can use a filesystem jndi implementation 
that does the same thing (so I've read), but I guess I took the easy way 
out.  Wish I had some slick way of doing this.



> I'm wondering if somone has any creative ideas here.  I'm working on a 
> project that gets javax.sql.DataSource instances via Tomcat's JNDI 
> provider.  This works fine, except when we are developing code and 
> need to run Junit tests.
> Because the tests need to run outside Tomcat, getting access to a 
> DataSource via JNDI becomes a pain in the neck.
> I'm assuming that this is a very common situation and I'm wondering if 
> anybody has slick tricks for your dev environments that allow you do 
> get DataSource objects via JNDI...?
> phil.

Matt Goodwin
"Transcending the Ordinary"

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