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From Thomas Dudziak <>
Subject Re: CSV parsing/writing?
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 06:50:34 GMT
On 5/26/05, Chetan Sahasrabudhe <> wrote:
> I guess CSV commons is a very good suggestion.
> This kind of thing is very much required in data staging and processing.
> If java needs to work with commercial products to process huge amount of data
> then I would suggest to start the initiative on developing something for CSV processing.
> On initial thought I can think of following feature list.
> CSV Read
> 1. configurable column selection.
> 2. Hibernate / struts property driven CSV read configuration. (Here I am talking about
referencing third party xml elements as target references.)
> 3. xsl driven CSV conversions (CSV to XML, CSV to HTML, CSV to EDI, CSV to *new format*)
> 4. CSVFilter as that for FileFilter
>    column range, column width range, row range

I don't know about a commons component specifically for
reading/writing CSV. This might be better solved by using something
like the CsvJdbc JDBC driver:

Btw, reading CSV via a parser generator like Antlr is rather easy.
There is for instance this sample here:


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