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From Don Seiler <>
Subject Re: CSV parsing/writing?
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 15:53:50 GMT
On 18:47 Fri 27 May     , Emmanouil Batsis wrote:
> To tell the truth i haven't seen how most related projects work, but 
> here's what i had in mind. All this SAX conversation has made me wonder 
> wether the following are a good idea:
> * A very simple but configurable CSV parser object (as i think you 
> originally propose), that could simply generate events.
> * An interface for the event consumer
> * Some default implementations (SAX, DOM) including a CSVWriter to 
> persist the model of any given implementation back to CSV.

Yeah this sounds pretty much like what I tried to describe in my other
email that you may receive soon.  I'm still unclear on whether or not we
need to make use of DOM here.  Is emitting the signal with an array of
Strings a poor idea?

> >With DOM are we still talking about using the SAX setup and having
> >everything go through XML at one point or another?
> >
> A DOM implementation can just wrap the SAX implementation to end up with 
> a memory tree. We could also come up with something less XMLish in both 
> streaming and in-memory implementations.

/me re-iterates his previous question about DOM.

Don Seiler

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