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From Don Seiler <>
Subject Re: CSV parsing/writing?
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 14:43:45 GMT
On 17:32 Fri 27 May     , Emmanouil Batsis wrote:
> I'd happily wrap a provided CSV parsing implementation to an XML reader 
> to with a well documented XML format (XSD/RelaxNG/DTD included).

Well here was what I was thinking of so far in terms of a simple

First we'd have a CSVFile object.  That object contains the specified
delimiter, field qualifier, escape char, etc.  In my earlier thinking it
also contained the list of parsed records in memory.  Obviously that
won't be good for a great many cases.

Anyway it would be the mechanism to reading/writing CSVRecord objects
from/to the actual file.  The CSVRecord object would do the actual
parsing/serializing for each line, given the parameters in its parent

Obviously this is a very simplistic view of things.  I've not a great
deal of experience dealing with events and listeners outside of swing.
With DOM are we still talking about using the SAX setup and having
everything go through XML at one point or another?  I see an example of
a SAX/CSV parser at oreilly's website that sort of makes sense to me,
but I may have to give it about 10 more reads to fully sink in.

Don Seiler

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