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From Don Seiler <>
Subject Re: CSV parsing/writing?
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 13:54:59 GMT
On 09:49 Thu 26 May     , Catalin Grigoroscuta wrote:
> The features you describe here are very nice indeed, but I think that 
> most people would prefer a simple but fully functional CSV reader and 
> writer that would be finished like yesterday, and a future version with 
> hibernate/struts/xsl/EDI/whatever.
> I would definitely vote for a quick functional implementation (to be 
> ready in at most one week), and then let the users decide what features 
> they mostly need.

These are my thoughts as well.  I need something relatively quick, and a
basic parser/writer should be doable in a week.  I want to provide at
least the same functionality as the Text::CSV_XS module in perl.

I would be willing to start an project with ASL for license, and
then jakarta would be more than welcome to do what they want with it.
Any and all are welcome to join as well.

What do you folks think?

P.S. - And, yes, I saw Ostermiller's package.  I'm more interested in
helping out jakarta with whatever my meager skills can provide.

Don Seiler

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