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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject RE: CSV parsing/writing?
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 06:52:35 GMT
If the goal of the project is small, ie just a class to parse csv, then
commons-io, commons-codec, commons-lang are the obvious parties. So it's
a matter of seeing if the committers on those projects are interested.

If the goal is larger, ie creating a new commons component itself then
it is likely to be hard work. The way things usually become commons
components is that they are initially a successful part of some other
successful apache project and are spun off into a separate component
here. So one solution might be to find an apache project that would find
csv functionality useful, and then get the developers of that project to
join commons and become the "mentors" of a csv (or more ambitious)
project here.

Projects that might find csv handling useful include
 * workflow projects
 * B2B projects (geronimo?)
 * data import/export: POI?

It seems clear from the mails here that although there is some user
interest in this, there just aren't any existing committers willing to
dedicate the necessary time to mentoring this new project.

As another alternative, a project can be created on Sourceforge, using
the Apache Public License (APL). That way, apache projects like the ones
listed above can happily use the code if they find a need to process csv
in the future. And at that point, friendly discussions might occur about
moving the project to apache commons.

Apache commons really isn't in the same business as sourceforge. This
means that not every good idea gets a home here. Or to look at it the
other way, if it doesn't find a home here that doesn't mean it isn't a
good idea.

(man, csv is a hard acronym to type. At least half the time it comes out
cvs :-).



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