Hi Jason,
You apply following patch. it will  work then.

Best Regards
Onkar Singh

neo anderson <freeonfair@yahoo.co.uk>

04/04/2005 06:01 PM
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        Subject:        running  jsvc  problem

lately i use jsvc in order to run web container as
service, in which i build jsvc from source with
version 1.0
and then run commond like "./jsvc -pidfile ofbiz.pid
-user user_on_system -debug -cp
it issues error "syscall failed in set_caps" and "
Service exit with a return value of 4". the env i use
is make 3.80; gcc 3.4.3, cent-os 4.0; kernel 2.6.9.
how can i solve this.
i appreciate it, sincerely

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