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From Frances <>
Subject Re: [FileUpload] -- sorry wrong subject line..
Date Sun, 01 May 2005 06:02:07 GMT
Frances wrote:
> Hello, I'm just starting out w/jak.commons.FileUpload..
> I'm running a bunch of Tomcat webapps successfully, both locally on my 
> Windows machine (Tomcat 5.0.27) and at server where my website is.. 
> (Tomcat 5.0.25) w/o having to change any code in any of them.. (even one 
> that connects to a MySQL db, each on their respective servers..) 
> however, just got started w/j.c.FileUpload, and even though I have 
> followed directions to the letter as they appear here
> and deployed the app w/o having changed anything at all in 
> fileuploaddemo.jsp, and have same HTML form as shown in this example, 
> files simply don't get uploaded..  I don't get errors, get to where I'm 
> supposed to get after req gets processed, but files don't get uploaded, 
> and well, not even sure where to look for them..  what exactly does this 
> line do?
>    File savedFile = new File(getServletContext().getRealPath("/"), 
> fullFile.getName());
> does this path take me to root of app? or where? (b/c uploaded files 
> don't show up there or anywhere else w/in app..)
> (I looked up getRealPath() in Servlet API, it says, "Returns a String 
> containing the real path for a given virtual path."
> pls, what is meant by "given virtual path"?)  would appreciate any 
> help.. thank you very much...  Frances

sorry, wrong subject line is b/c first I had uploaded this jar, 
commons-fileupload-1.1-dev.jar, b/c that's what is says in Vikram 
Goyal's article to dl (which is diff. from what you dl if you dl from 
jakarta.apache site, namely commons-fileupload-1.0.jar..) w/the dev.jar 
I was getting error, and realized in the middle of writing 
post that maybe I should go back and dl jar I had dl'd originally, 
before I read Vikram Goyal's article...;)  and I did, and no longer get 
that error (but forgot to change subject line..;)..)
ok sorry, this is still confusing to me, as I said am just starting out 
w/jak.commons.FileUpload..  bottom line is right now no longer get that 
error but files still don't get uploaded..  thank you again.. Frances

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