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From Frances <>
Subject [FileUpload] ??
Date Sun, 01 May 2005 05:28:31 GMT
Hello, I'm just starting out w/jak.commons.FileUpload..

I'm running a bunch of Tomcat webapps successfully, both locally on my 
Windows machine (Tomcat 5.0.27) and at server where my website is.. 
(Tomcat 5.0.25) w/o having to change any code in any of them.. (even one 
that connects to a MySQL db, each on their respective servers..) 
however, just got started w/j.c.FileUpload, and even though I have 
followed directions to the letter as they appear here

and deployed the app w/o having changed anything at all in 
fileuploaddemo.jsp, and have same HTML form as shown in this example, 
files simply don't get uploaded..  I don't get errors, get to where I'm 
supposed to get after req gets processed, but files don't get uploaded, 
and well, not even sure where to look for them..  what exactly does this 
line do?

    File savedFile = new File(getServletContext().getRealPath("/"), 

does this path take me to root of app? or where? (b/c uploaded files 
don't show up there or anywhere else w/in app..)

(I looked up getRealPath() in Servlet API, it says, "Returns a String 
containing the real path for a given virtual path."
pls, what is meant by "given virtual path"?)  would appreciate any 
help.. thank you very much...  Frances

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