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From "Peter DeGregorio" <>
Subject [logging] log4j 1.0.4 trace does not map to log4j 1.3 trace
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 18:42:39 GMT
I'm interested in using trace(...) and isTraceEnabled() with log4j. Jakarta
Commons Logging (JCL) version 1.0.4 indicates support for log4j 1.3, which
now includes a trace level. Shouldn't JCL which as of 1.0.4 detects whether
is is using version 1.2 or not map trace to trace. I've looked at the source
code for JCL 1.0.4 and it calls log4j 1.3 debug methods when trace is used.

I have read every post here with "trace" in the subject and do not see this
being discussed. If however, I've missed it somewhere else (like the
developers list, which I have not looked at entirely) my apologies.

 -- Peter

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