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Subject commons-net ftp with proxy
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 02:00:52 GMT

I'm using the commons-net library (FTPClient) to do some ftping. However,
being stuck behind a big firewall is making it difficult to connect to
external servers. Having searched around I've discovered that you can use
the socks proxy settings:

      System.getProperties().put( "socksProxyPort", "XXXX");
      System.getProperties().put( "socksProxyHost" ,"XXXX");

      System.getProperties().put("", "XXXX");
      System.getProperties().put("", "XXXX");

However, having tried this, I'm now getting the following error when I try
to connect (  ftclient.connect(server)   ): Reply from SOCKS server has bad version

I've also tried using the usual proxy settings, ie:

      System.getProperties().put( "http.proxyPort", "XXXX");
      System.getProperties().put( "http.proxyHost" ,"XXXX");
      System.getProperties().put( "http.proxyUser", "XXXX");
      System.getProperties().put( "http.proxyPassword" ,"XXXX");

which give me the following: Connection timed out: connect

Am I right in thinking that my proxy is not a SOCKS (4 or 5??) proxy and
this is why it's not working?

And does anyone know any way around this?

much appreciated.

Charles Jacobson

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