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From "Scovetta, Michael V" <>
Subject [Not sure] - "GenericComparator"
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 19:29:55 GMT

I'm looking for something that'll let me sort objects based on one or more properties:

	GenericComparator gc = new GenericComparator(myObject.class);

	Collections.sort(myVector, gc);

I'd expect the functionality to be such that myVector is made up of myObjects, and myObjects
have fields field1 and field2, and method method1(). If a.field1 > b.field1, then a >
b. If a.field1 == b.field1, then move on to field2, etc.

Does anyone know if this functionality exists in any of the Jakarta tools?


Michael Scovetta
Computer Associates
Senior Application Developer

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