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From Catalin Grigoroscuta <>
Subject Re: Serialize and deserialize object to and from text
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 07:15:25 GMT

Have you considered using the java.beans.XMLEncoder/XMLDecoder classes 
(JDK 1.4)?
Or, if you are just interested in "text encoder/decoder", without being 
human readable, you could just serialize and the encode Base64 (Base64 
encoder/decoder exists in one of jakarta projects, I do not remember 
which one).


>>I am looking for a text encoder and text decoder for object 
>>serialization and deserialization.  Anyone has worked on such a tool 
>>before, and can share the source code?
>>I have the encoder working using recursion and reflection, but I don't 
>>have a clue on the way to use recursion and reflection to read the text 
>>back to Java beans.  In fact, I have been trying to build the decoder 
>>for weeks, and have been stucked on the case where the object contain a 
>>collection of objects.
>>The encoder I have built have the following text output:

>>II"}}}{chapter:Chapter={{no:int=3}{name:java.lang.String="Act III"}}}}}}}
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