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From Giorgio Gallo <>
Subject Re: help needed with feedparser
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 20:38:51 GMT
For feedparser specifically I don't know... :)
Since you say it built, I imagine the required jars are in svn...

Personally I've fallen in love with maven when I first typed

	maven jcoverage

and have seen it automagically download the jars it needed to give me an
html junit-coverage report :)

AFAIK the main difference between maven and ant is that to the latter
you have to tell how to do things, while to maven you only tell "hey,
theese are my source folders", "theese are my dependencies" and then you
can ask it to do things for you, like "I want you to build the project"
or "I want a test coverage report" or "I want you to create an eclipse
project here" or just about everything (maven comes with tons of goals -
they're just like ant targets)


Erik wrote:
> Thanks for the help Giorgio.  I have spent some time with ant and was
> able to build the project with ant and the packaged build.xml.  I have
> no experience with Maven and for the time being I need to get my head
> around FeedParser.  Maybe I'll add Maven to my list of "things to learn".
> What am I missing by building FeedParser with Ant instead of using Maven?
> Erik
> Giorgio Gallo wrote:
>> I don't know anything about feedparser, really :) assuming it is
>> structured like some commons project i've seen, you should grab the
>> trunk dir - then "checkout as project" or "checkout as.." and then
>> select java project (you will be able to set up a few options it this
>> second way)
>> the "tags" and "whatever-the-other-dir-name-is" dirs contain tags and
>> branches (but maybe i don't remember right) for the project - you don't
>> need them unless you are searching for a particular (old) version: the
>> current one is in trunk
>> After checking out the project, look if there is a file named
>> "project.xml" at the project root: if there is
>> - close the project from eclipse
>> - install maven (
>> - run "maven" and "maven eclipse" from the command line (inside the
>> project's root dir)
>> - reopen the project in eclipse and refresh it.
>> It seems to be a mess but it's simple - really, and you will LOVE maven
>> after you realize what it can do for you :)
>> Let know if you experience any problems
>> Erik wrote:
>>> I need some help getting feedparser downloaded/built on my dev machine.
>>> I'm using eclipse on a fedora core 3 box.  I have Subclipse installed.
>>> I am looking in jakarta/commons/proper/feedparser and am not sure
>>> where/what to checkout?  Should I do the "Checkout as project" or a
>>> "Checkout as..." and then select "Java Project"?  Also, should I grab
>>> the feedparser directory, or should I get trunk, or should I just get
>>> the src directory?
>>> Thanks...
>>> Erik
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