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From Lukas Bradley <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] CompositeConfiguration - setting FileChangedReloadingStrategy on each XMLConfiguration
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 19:48:19 GMT
> [snipped Java code on manual setting of all configuration files to reload strat]

I would like to request two things.  First, a DTD for the 
ConfigurationFactory XML file.  Second, the ability to do something like 

   <!-- Reload usergui every -->
   <properties fileName=""
   <!-- Since reload attribute is not included, it defaults to 
InvariantReloadingStrategy -->
   <xml fileName="gojackets.xml" />

   <xml fileName="another.xml"
	reload="my.own.superkeen.EarthShatteringReloadingStrategy" />

So that the reloading interfaces may be defined in the XML itself.

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