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From Vinicius Caldeira Carvalho <>
Subject chains problems persists
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 14:10:43 GMT
Well I guess I tried everthing. From debuging the source code to read 
the entire javadoc. I've just downloaded the latest nightly build from 
chains, tried to understand both apps bundle within it. And as far as I 
know I'm not very stupid.

So I tried everthing, and I can say that The only way to put it to work 
is through the old config style:



Otherwise the listener will *not* register my catalog with the context. 
Well unless a magic happens, cuz on the ChainListener code there's no 
code indicating that. Also I'd like to know how to use that 
CatalogFactory, I did not find any way to initialize it. And trying to 
use a ConfigCatalogRule as my rule-set throws an invocationtargetexception.

Craig, dude I'm sorry I really didn't know who you are. Thanks for 
struts  ;)

But guys, are you all using commons chains? How could this simple tasks 
be done? I really don't see how to register my catalog with my 
webcontext in other way besides the old depracated one...

Thanks all

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