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From WANG Qingtian <>
Subject Re: Configuration - Reload Strategy in j2ee containers
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 18:57:19 GMT
Soaring Eagle wrote:
> Hello all,
> In an app we are doing, we use commons config to load properties and
> use a threaded class to do the reload every few seconds. this is then
> packaged as a part of a j2ee application. When application code is
> referenced for the first time, a thread is started and this thread
> checks for modifications at intervals. Though the J2EE spec does not
> allow a developer to start threads, this seems to work well for me.

Since the container doesn't have the control over the life cycle of the 
thread that takes care of the reload, say next time the container 
starts, you don't want the reloading to take effect not all, you'd have 
to figure out a way to kill that thread....?

Plus per the email Emmanuel sent, commons-configuration seems already to 
have a built-in mechanism to do the periodical reload without spawning 
any thread....

> The other option would be create a java application class as the
> configuration wrapper (containing a main method) and to start that
> class as a "startup" class in the J2EE container.

That'll work until the time comes when you want switch to a container 
that doesn't offer a startup/shutdown class. Once in a blue moon you'd 
want to switch containers, but still....

> Please share your views on this type of design.
> Thanks
> Eagle. 
> On Apr 4, 2005 5:47 PM, WANG Qingtian <> wrote:
>>Is the reload strategy implemented by creating a thread that
>>periodically checks the time stamp of the configuration file? If so, how
>>do I make sure that thread is started/stopped properly when I use it in
>>a j2ee container? Like, will the thread be killed when I shut down the
>>web/ejb container? What is the "best practice" of using "configuration"
>>in a j2ee container?
>>Thanks a lot for your help!!!
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