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Subject [JEXL] Syntax information
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 23:49:28 GMT
  I've recently been using JEXL in an attempt to incorporate simple scripting and templating
into a solution (without going the full blown Velocity route) and I'm having all kinds of
difficulties figuring out what the syntax is for if, foreach and while statements. I've looked
through the documentation for an example of a valid IF statement (or a WHILE statement) and
I've simply been unable to locate one. The example documentation at
does not have anything useful to offer on that front: the example documentation is limited
to operator assignments with no examples of if/while/foreach constructs.
  If anyone has more complete examples or can understand the JavaCC generated code well enough
to explain it to me, I'd be perfectly willing to compile them into a more complete reference.

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