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From Vinicius Caldeira Carvalho <>
Subject Re: Chain: too damn buggy to be out of sandbox
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 17:24:03 GMT
Vinicius Caldeira Carvalho wrote:

> Well, I don't know why in the heck did jakarta put chain as a main 
> commons project. The "thing" is too damn buggy. I think it's like 
> esperanto a good idea not very well implemented. The first bug I found 
> was the name of the catalog.
> Now, read this, cuz this is cool.
> Only commands that return false are executed. If I return true on a 
> command inside a chain. I get a null pointer exception from a filter 
> inside my conteiner. I guess someone forgot to do a doChain() in a 
> servlet filter somewhere.
> I'm most disapointed with commons chains, since I really cried out 
> here to be used as a solution for our problems, now I have an even 
> bigger problem on my hands.
> Did not find the solution for this yet. As soon as I find one I'll 
> post it.
> Regards
> Vinicius
Einstein used to say : " Two things are infinite: the universe and human 
stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." Well I guess I fit 
right in to it. Sorry, no bugs, just dumb user and stressed manager 
complaining about the deadline.

Im trully sorry

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