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From "rinke hoekstra" <>
Subject [commons-collections]: how to do reverse iteration in TreeBidiMap
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 09:42:29 GMT
Hi list, 

maybe a stupid question, or maybe I am missing something, but I cannot sort out how to 
do a reverse iteration over the values of a TreeBidiMap, and couldn't find much about it 
on the web.
I want to retrieve the 10 greatest values from a HashMap, and thought it best to use a 
TreeBidiMap for it.

I have this:

TreeBidiMap bidiMap = new TreeBidiMap(myHashMap);
OrderedBidiMap invMap = bidiMap.inverseOrderedBidiMap(); //creates inversed map
OrderedMapIterator oit = invMap.orderedMapIterator();
while (oit.hasPrevious()) {
      Float value = (Float)oit.previous();

The iterator however seems to be initialized at the first element, so hasPrevious() is 
usually false, and the loop isn't run. 

How to initialize the iterator at the last element, so you can start iterating using 


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