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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] thread safety and performance in enterprize apps
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 06:07:27 GMT

such a document would be of great help, for those issues have not yet 
been widely investigated AFAIK.

As long as configurations are accessed in a read only manner, they 
should be shareable between different threads. This is true for all 
configuration implementations that inherit from BaseConfiguration 
because these are based on a HashMap. For hierarchical configurations 
like XMLConfiguration I did not check this explicitely, but I am quite 
sure that they are thread safe because no internal state is modified 
when properties are read.

So best practices for read only configs is probably to load a central 
instance during application initialization phase and provide access to 
it to all interested components (e.g. by storing it in the app context).

If configurations are modified, thread safety is not guaranteed. Maybe a 
useful extension for the future would be a synchronized configuration 
wrapper similar to the ones used by the Java collection framework. How 
to handle this kind of configurations will strongly depend on your 
application's needs, e.g. which components change data, where are 
changed configurations written back, etc.

Note that the above is not a result of a detailed analysis. There may be 
some details that make the whole stuff more complicated. E.g. I am not 
sure how the new reloading features affect thread safety.


Emmanouil Batsis wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if the list members can help me pin down best practices 
> regarding use of Configuration in J2EE apps:
> * For read-only XML configurations, how does performance differ between:
>       - sharing the same instance (via in the application context or 
> JNDI) globally (which classes are better for that?)
>       - use one instance per thread/request (threadlocal)
>       - instantiate configuration objects "locally"
> * How does the above work for read-write configurations?
> I'd happily compose a document based on given input (even xdoc, as i 
> need to learn that too ;-).
> Many thanks,
> Manos
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