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From José Antonio Pérez Testa <>
Subject Re: PolynomialSplineFunctionvalue() domain question
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 14:23:49 GMT
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Litchfield, Ben wrote:

>The javadocs for this function state that 
>"Throws: FunctionEvaluationException - if v is outside of the domain of of
>the spline function (less than the smallest knot point or greater than or
>equal to the largest knot point)"
>I have a series of points, for example ( (12.2,3), (15.4,1.2), (18.9, 4.6) )
>that I need to interpolate some data points from.  The problem is that I
>need to be able to interpolate from 12.2 through 18.9 inclusive, right now
>an exception is thrown if I try to evaluate for 18.9, which is exactly what
>the javadocs state should happen.  Is there a mathematical reason for being
>able to evaluate the first datapoint but not the last one?  Can you point me
>to a reference if that is the case?  To me it seems to make sense that it
>should be able to determine the value at one of the knot points, ".  If this
>is an issue in the code then I can submit a patch, just didn't want to waste
>my time if it is currently mathematically correct.
>Any comments/suggestions would be welcome.


José Antonio Pérez Testa
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