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From Paul Smith <>
Subject [Math] [Collections] time-based window statistics
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 04:12:02 GMT
[Cross-posting to Math & Collections because of somewhat related nature]

I'm hoping someone may help me here.  I've scanned through the Math and 
Collection libraries to see if there is anything that can help but 
cannot spot it. Perhaps this is out of the scope for Math or 
Collections, but perhaps these 2 communities may know where else I 
should look.

We have the need to track things in a data-rate format, like "indexes 
operations/second" etc and stats similar to what is reported via the 
'uptime' command, with averages over a 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minutes etc. 

Now I'm sure creating my own little API is not that hard, but it occured 
to me that this or something similar has to have been done so many times 
that someone has released a utility API to help.   There doesn't appear 
to be any window-style collections in Jakarta Collections, and the 
DescriptiveStats class in Math is very useful, but there's nothing 
natively in there to do with time-based windows.

Has anyone got any ideas that may help?  Links? I'd rather 'stand on the 
shoulders of giants' than reinvent the wheel.


Paul Smith

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