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From Jeremy Denton <>
Subject [betwixt] Relational mappings?
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:36:22 GMT

Anyone come up with a good relational mapping structure? Say I had a 
the following

		<person id="0" name="Joe" emailAddress=""/>
		<person id="2" name="James" emailAddress=""/>
		<person id="3" name="Frank" emailAddress=""/>
		<person id="4" name="Tim" emailAddress=""/>
		<mailingList id="5" name="friends">
			<personRef id="2"/>
			<personRef id="4"/>
			<personRef id="5"/>
		<mailingList id="5" name="friends">
			<personRef id="2"/>
			<personRef id="4"/>
			<personRef id="5"/>

And I have Objects:


I'd like my MailingList to contain a vector of Person References... 
Even if I have to have a PersonRef Class... that's cool. but can I have 
my PersonRef Class contain a Reference to a Person object?


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