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From Dylan Stamat <>
Subject Re: Commons HttpClient: HttpClient#setConnectionTimeout
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:23:41 GMT
Here's a new one for all of you :)

I've got a PostMethod object, and I'm calling setRequestBody() with an
array of NameValuePair objects... ie:

PostMethod post = new PostMethod(url);

This is all fine and dandy, however, the host I'm posting this to is
unable to parse encoded data.
The NameValuePair's are encoded by default... but, I'm unable to find
a way to ensure they AREN'T encoded.

I checked out URIUtil, and it has a decode() method... but the process
would then be a lot less straightforward if I had to break up the URL
and piece-meal it back together.

Any ideas ?

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 17:13:30 -0500, Scott Heaberlin <> wrote:
> You are exactly right.  eggOnMe = true
> Further investigation showed that I was not setting the read (so)
> timeout as I thought. Then when I actually *was* setting soTimeout, I
> found a bug in our own application that was ignoring the timeout value
> from my own configuration - so instead of my expected "quick" timeout,
> httpclient was being set to a normal, much longer timeout.  I simply
> wasn't waiting long enough for our default timeout value to expire.
> Consequently, I opted to do what one of the previous messages in this
> thread suggested - utilize HttpMethod::abort() to achieve an absolute
> timeout, as our business requirements do not differentiate from
> connection timeout or remote read timeout.  For this I have now
> utilized a mechanism very similar to httpclient's own
> TimeoutController class combined with HttpMethod::abort().  This
> approach works wonderfully - ending the http operation regardless of
> the state of the connection or read operations.
> Thanks a bunch - and sorry for the confusion.
> -Scott
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