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Subject [chain] fixed, one-way chains, only?
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 16:43:40 GMT

I yet only had an quick look at Commons Chains. Am I right that a GoF/Commons 
chain does have a fixed one-way flow, only? I want to use the lib in order to 
parse the iTunesDB which looks like this 

<mhbd> - This is a database
  <mhsd> - This is a list holder, which holds either a mhlt or an mhlp
    <mhlt> - This holds a list of all the songs on the iPod
      <mhit> - This describes a particular song
        <mhod>... - These hold strings associated with a song
        <mhod>... - Things like Artist, Song Title, Album, etc.
      <mhit> - This is another song. And so on.
  <mhsd> - Here's the list holder again.. This time, it's holding an mhlp
    <mhlp> - This holds a bunch of playlists. In fact, all the playlists.
      <mhyp> - This is a playlist.
        <mhod>... - These mhods hold info about the playlists like the name of 
the list.
        <mhip>... - This mhip holds a reference to a particular song on the 
      <mhyp> - This is another playlist. And so on.
        <mhod>... - Note that the mhods also hold other things for smart 

As you can see, it's not mhdb -> mhsd -> mhlt but the flow may also be mhbd -> 
mhsd -> mhlp. And esp. mhod is used everywhere. So, what I need is something 
like the struts config. This cannot be done with Commons Chain, can it?

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