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From Ed Smith <>
Subject Email
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 15:13:46 GMT
Hi.  I would like to write an email sending client
using the commons email that can operate without
specifying a host name (i.e., SMTP server).  The email
should be sendable by directly connecting to the
recipient's SMTP server instead of requiring relay. 
In some cases, I could just set the host name to the
name given in the email address (e.g., for
I'd set the host name to - Of course, this
would have to be done for each email address).  This
only works if the real SMTP server is specified in the
email address (instead of by DNS indirection to an MX

Is there an easy fix for this?  It would be cool if
there was some function like setDirectConnect(true).

While I'm asking questions, is there some way in the
commons email to download email from a POP or IMAP
server?  If not, does a similar JavaMail wrapper class
exist for downloading email?


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