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From Ahmed Mohombe <>
Subject Re: [VFS] test cases using embeded server - was Moving out the sandbox ?
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 01:00:40 GMT
> But sshtools are commercial now and it looks like the LGPL version is no 
> longer under development.
Well, it's no longer under development from the side of those who made 
the first version. Only the second version is commercial. This doesn't 
mean that the project is closed and no one can contribute. Good things 
don't need bug fixes every week :).

> What advantages might a VFS user have if we use j2ssh? I found jsch very 
> useage, though I have to admit I never used another package.
J2ssh is very clean and easy to understand. It has a CVS repository and 
one can track the entire activity and changes.
It's very easy to debug and the handling of protocol exceptions/errors 
is clear and clean.
Even if Jsch is "still" under development, it has none of the above 
advantages IMHO. The author did a great job with Jsch, but still ...

I used both, and other commercial versions, but j2ssh was the best for 
me, or maybe the authors were thinking exactly like me so the API was 
very "at hand" :) for me.
Last month we finished some sort of "simple VPN" for one of our 
customers, and only j2ssh saved my day.
Not trying to convince someone, but without j2ssh I were in big shi.. 
:), cause our manager(as usual :) ) promised unrealistic features to the 
customer :).


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