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From "Kurt Kurniawan" <>
Subject [NET] Error in retrieving more than one file.
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 22:48:08 GMT

Hello all,

We have this code, where we're trying to pickup more than one file in the remote machine and
put locally.
But I always get the value of ios=null on the second iteration when it's trying to pick up
the second file.

The FtpClient seems to be still connected.

I can reconnect and pick that file again, but that is not an efficient way to do.

Is there any  reasons why is this happened ? Can anyone give me some hints of what happened

The code is just examples of what my project does, I have to do this in this way instead of
using retrieveFile(java.lang.String remote, local), because I need it
to return as InputStream.

Thank you for any help.



public class ExperimentFTP {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		System.out.println("Start process");
		Log log=LogFactory.getLog(ExperimentFTP.class);
		String directory="/usr/egate/tst";
		String fileregex="rm_lo_ftp*";
		Vector filesV=new Vector();
		Pattern ptrn=Pattern.compile(fileregex);
		Matcher match;
		FileOutputStream fos;
		FTPClient ftp=new FTPClient();
			FTPFile[] files = ftp.listFiles(directory);
			//iterate and collect !!
			for(int f=0;f<files.length;f++){
				//log filename here !!
				log.debug("Filename: "+files[f].getName());
				//log --if any match then add to list.
					log.debug("Add the file name: "+files[f].getName()+" to the list");
			//now try to pick up the file and send.
			Enumeration e=filesV.elements();
				String fileElement=(String)e.nextElement();
				log.debug("Writing the file: "+fileElement);
				InputStream ios=ftp.retrieveFileStream(fileElement);
				fos = new FileOutputStream("c:/myDir/"+fileElement);
				//write to the file
				byte[] buffer=new byte[4096]; //byte to hold the content make it 4KB at one read
				int bytes_read; //number of bytes in buffer
				log.debug("Writing the file");
		}catch(IOException e){
			log.error("There is error in the process ",e);

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